cpyn and privacy

Cpyn does not know who you are. It never asks for an e-mail address, a name or any other personally identifiable information. It never asks for much beyond choosing music to play and what your audio preferences are. That information is stored in the user defaults on the device, in order to remember your preferences each time you launch the app. If your device were compromised by a hacker, the worst concern you'd have would be that they would know what you were cpynning. The app keeps no temporary files and other than your preferences never stores anything on the device or anywhere else.

The only time cpyn ever uses the Internet directly is if you tap the info button and either view the help tab or tap any of the buttons on the about tab: support, email or view in App Store. The buttons all take you to Safari, Mail or the App Store app. The app also uses the Internet to send analytics events.

cpyn is currently conducting an experiment with analytics and crash reporting using Twitter's Crashlytics service. The app reports some basic environmental information to Crashlytics, such as which version of iOS it is on, the app version, what sort of device and so on. It reports when you launch the app, when the app crashes and how long you spend using cpyn. If the app crashes, it can, with your consent, submit a crash report the next time it is launched, which is very helpful to the author for purposes of fixing whatever caused the crash. This includes the full program state, including what you were listening to. The application does not have access to any personal information.

It also logs certain general information about track formats and media types in order to help identify audio errors and other problems. This logging happens regardless of the crash reporting session. Crashlytics does not track your IP address. Crashlytics was introduced in version 1.2.4.

The application does not do anything in the background besides playing audio. It can interact with the now-playing display and controls. That is it.

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