about cpyn

Cpyn is a personal audio player app for iOS. It is built on OpenGL ES 3.0 and presents a three-dimensional turntable that rotates while you play music. While the music is playing, you can rotate the turntable with a gesture and scratch records. The app provides an array of audio features, from a 3-D equalizer to autolevel, cross fading and reversible playback.

Currently, cpyn only plays tracks from the iPod library on a device. Future releases will also offer support for streaming sources such as Rdio and Spotify.

Future releases will also offer improved audio quality and an expanded set of audio features for DJing and other specialized purposes.

The entirety of this application along with all its contents and materials are the work of a single individual. About 70% of your purchase from the App Store goes directly to the one person whose efforts brought you the app, not to shadowy financial backers or an army of bureaucrats.

The individual is beside the point, but in case you are concerned about his qualifications to build virtual toy record players, his CV is publicly available. He is sometimes available for other projects, including children's parties.

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